Gmail password change rules (from mobile and computer)

While it may be a problem to hear about Gmail password changes, it is important to ensure the security of your Google Account. In reality, it only takes a few minutes to change the Gmail password. But for this you have to confirm some things. So Gmail's password can be easily changed for security reasons or any other reason.

Remember, your Gmail password is your Google Account password. So if you change your Gmail password, the password for your corresponding Google Account will also change. In addition, the password to login to your connected YouTube account and all other services of the same Google account will be changed.

Let's find out in detail about the rules for changing Gmail's password from iPhone, Android or computer. In this article we will know:

Rules for changing Gmail passwords on Android

  • Enter the device's Settings app
  • Then click on Google to access your Google Account
Rules for changing Gmail passwords
  • Click Manage your Google Account at the top of the screen
google manage your account
  • Click on Security at the top of the screen
google account security
  • Click on Password under the Signing in to Google section
gmail password change
  • The next step may be to sign in to your account
  • Enter a new password
Gmail password change
  • Click Change Password to change the password.

Rules for changing Gmail password on iPhone

  • Click on the profile picture in the top right corner
gmail iphone app
  • Tap on Google Account text, this text can also be seen as Manage Your Account on many devices
iphone gmail google account button
  • Click on Personal Info at the top of the screen
gmail iphone app settings personal info
  • Tap on Password
google account in iphone password field
  • Enter your new password twice
gmail password change in iphone
  • Then click Change Password to change the password

Rules for changing the Gmail password on the computer

Rules for changing Gmail password on computer
  • Sign in with a Google Account if needed
  • Click on Security in the left sidebar
  • Click on Password under Signing in to Google
gmail password change in computer
  • Sign in again if needed
  • Enter the new password in the box that appears
gmail password change in computer step 2
  • Click Change Password to change the password.

Gmail's password can be changed by accessing the link from any device . So we learned that the rules for opening a Gmail email ID are as simple as changing the password in just a few minutes.

What happens after I change my Gmail password?

Change Gmail password

When you change or reset Gmail's password, most of the devices signed in to your Gmail account will be signed out. Login with the new password on the devices that will be logged out.

Although the sign out policy can be of different types in different cases. However, the following devices will not sign out

  • Devices that are used for verification when signing in
  • Devices that have account access to third-party apps
  • Home devices that already have account access.

What to do when setting a new password

There are some things to follow when setting a new password. The benefits of setting a strong password are:

  • Your personal information will be protected
  • Emails, files and other content stored in the Google Account will be protected
  • No one else will be able to login to your account.

Passwords can only use letters, numbers and symbols (ASCII-standard characters only). Types of passwords to avoid:

  • Weak passwords, such as "password123"
  • Password previously used in the account
  • Passwords that are easy to guess
  • Passwords with information that many people know about your personal information.

The strength of a strong password is that even if you remember this password, no one else will be able to guess it easily. Let's find out what to do to set a strong password.

Keep your password unique

Try using a different password for each of your accounts. For example, in the case of your email and online banking, set a different password without leaving the same password.

Also reusing the same password is risky for the account. As a result, if someone gets the password for one of your accounts, you can access your email address, or even your money.

Use passwords that are large and easy to remember

The bigger the password, the stronger the password. Try to use at least 12 characters for the password. You can use it to create strong and easy to remember passwords:

  • Any poem or song line
  • Any speech or movie dialogue
  • Passage of any book
  • A set of words that make sense to you
  • The first letter of every word in a sentence. 

Avoid using personal information and common words

Finding passwords created using your personal information is much easier, for example

  • Your nickname
  • Name your baby or pet
  • Important birthday or year
  • The name of your street
  • Your address number

Also avoid using simple words or patterns, e.g.

  • Simple passwords like "password" or "letmein"
  • Successive words or numbers, such as "abcd" or "1234"
  • Keyboard patterns like “qwerty” or “qazwsx”.

We hope you find this post useful. Stay with us to get all the more important tips!


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