Download the original Vitmate apps 2022

Since the original Vitmate is a powerful video downloader, many clone and fake Vitmate apps have come out. You can find many Vitmate apps in any app

 In today's post we will discuss about the original Vitmate app. You all must know that the original Vitmate app is not available in Google Play Store. For the convenience of those who do not know, I have informed in this article.

If you just read the article, then you will know the details why the original Vitmate app is not available in the Google Play Store and you can also know how to download the original Vitmate app. So let's get started.

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What is the original Vitmate app?

Before  downloading the original Vitmate app, let's not know  what is the original Vitmate  app? And  what can be done with the original Vitmate  app?

Many people don't know that for their convenience, the  original Vitmate  app is a very powerful video downloader.  With the help of the original Vitmate app, you can download videos from many popular sites around the world, including the world's most popular social media.


Advantages of Original Vitmate:

The advantage of video download according to the device

Download high resolution video from low resolution

Download high speed video, audio and other media

The ability to lock apps, audio, video and photos

Facility to share all files offline

Convert video to audio

Most people think that  videos can only be downloaded from YouTube with the  original Vitmate app, but this is a completely wrong idea. With the original Vitmate  app, videos can be downloaded from various popular sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Thumbler, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others.


In  addition to downloading videos with the original Vitmate app, videos and audio can be played, and newer versions can share a variety of files, including audio and video, offline from one device to another.

Why use the original Vitmate apps?

Since the original Vitmate is a powerful video downloader, many clone and fake Vitmate apps have come out. You can find many Vitmate apps in any app store on the web including Google Play Store.

When you download and use that vitmate, you will understand the difference between the original vitmate. You may find some of the benefits of the original vitmate in these fake vitmates.


However, if you think that you can download videos from YouTube with fake Vitmate, then you are wrong. Because videos cannot be downloaded from YouTube through the fake VitMate apps that are available in the Play Store.

The original Vitmate is not available on the Google Play Store due to non-compliance with Google's policy. But you will not be disappointed. Below this post we have explained the way to download the original Vitmate.


Why isn't the original Vitmate app available in the Play Store?

Many may know the answer. The Google Play Store does not publish any apps that do not comply with their policies. Now the question may come, the  original Vitmate  app did not follow any policy of Google?



In fact, there are no rules for downloading videos from YouTube. Google is very strict in this regard.  There is no original Vitmate app or any other app in the Google Play Store  that can download videos from the medium YouTube. If you get such an app, it is immediately banned from the Google Play Store.

How to download the original Vitmate app on PC?

Sadly, the  original Vitmate  app has not yet released the PC version. Not only the PC version but also the Mac and iOS versions  do not have the original Vitmate  app.

However, if you use the Android emulator on the PC, you can easily run the original Vitmate app on the PC. There are currently a number of Android emulators on the web. However, the most popular of all emulators is: BlueStacks.

If you want to run the original Vitmate on PC, first download the Android emulator from the link below.

Last word:  The developer team of the original Vitmate  app has not yet shared the original Vitmate app for other platforms  . The  trick of downloading the original Vitmate app to other versions will be updated in this post as soon as it is shared  .

Although some websites have mentioned  downloading the original Vitmate app on PC  . But it is a hoax. Because the  original Vitmate  app is the Android version which will never support PC.
If  you want to run the original Vitmate app on PC,  you need to use Android Emulator in Windows 10 and earlier versions.

However   , you can easily run the original Vitmate app on Windows 11. Because in Windows 11, Android application can be run without any type of emulator. Microsoft has announced that Windows 11 will be open to the public later this year.

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