HSC Assignment Answer 2022 (Inter 1st Year) for 5th week


The HSC Assignment Answer 2022 has been published. This is basically Assignment Solution for HSC Examination 2022. A short syllabus has already been prepared for the 2022 HSC and equivalent examinations. Assignments are being published according to the short syllabus.

Due to the Corona situation, all educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed since March 2020. Eleventh and twelfth class students have been involved in assignment activities to keep the educational activities moving. Through this, students are being kept engaged in studies and are being evaluated. This is an ongoing activity. It will continue.

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The Ministry of Education has started providing lessons trough television and assignments to the students of class XI and XII to keep the educational activities dynamic. One assignment is being published every week. Students are preparing assignments by practicing the prescribed chapters of their text books and submitting them to their respective colleges. Subject-based teachers evaluate each assignment and identify the weak points of the student and give necessary advice.


HSC assignment activities have started from last 14th June 2021. Three assignments have already been published. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd assignments have been published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE). All those assignments are being given to the students of all the colleges in Bangladesh continuously and Solutions are being accepted. Students will take the second assignment by submitting the 1st week assignment answer to the College and the third assignment will be collect by submitting the 2nd week assignment answer to the College. Multiple subjects are attached to each assignment. Students will create and submit assignments for their respective subjects. Chapter and assignment topics are scheduled for each subject. Students have to prepare and submit assignments on the prescribed subject.

Intermediate Assignment 2021

Separate subjects have been assigned for the students of science, humanities and business studies groups at the higher secondary level for the assignment. In addition to the general subjects for the students in each group, the subjects in their respective groups are consistently included in the assignment. Besides Bengali and English assignments, there are subjects like Physics, Accounting, Logic, Economics, and Civics etc.


HSC Assignment Solution

Each subject assignment contains a chapter and the content of the assignment. Students will prepare the answer to the assignment by studying the prescribed chapter or part of the text book of their respective subject well. Assistance can also be taken from teachers or family members to prepare HSC assignment answers. If necessary, the help of internet, YouTube or other educational materials can be taken to solve the HSC assignment. Students will create the solution for each assignment. In that case, it will show his/her creativity. If someone else copies someone else's assignment, he/she will have to create a new one.

HSC Assignment Answer 2021

5th Week Assignment

HSC 2022 5th week Assignment has been Published. It has been Published on 15 August 2021 by Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE. Individual Assignment Question Paper PDF has been Published for the Science, Humanities and Business Studies Group. The Assignment Guidelines and Evaluation Guidelines has also been Published along with the Assignment. To Download 5th week Assignment PDF Question, visit Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education or 

HSC 2022 4th Week Assignment

HSC 2022 4th week assignment has been published. This assignment was published today, July 18. For the 4th week assignment of HSC 1st year, Bangla 1st paper, Physics 1st paper, Civics and Good Governance 1st paper, Economics 1st paper, Logic 1st paper, Accounting 1st paper and Food and Nutrition 1st paper have been selected.or visit the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education website.

3rd week assignment

HSC Assignment 3rd week has been published. It was published on June 23, 2021. The third week assignment for HSC Examination 2022 starts from 28 June.

Bangla 2nd Paper and English 2nd paper subjects have been selected for the HSC 3rd week assignment Answer 2021. Students will prepare answers to these two subjects and submit them to their respective colleges. English and Bangla teachers will evaluate the answers of HSC third week assignment and give marks. Students will receive the next week's assignment when submitting the assignment solution for this week.


2nd week assignment Answer

HSC 2nd Week Assignment 2021 has been published on 19 June 2021. This is the second assignment for HSC exam 2022. For the second assignment, the English 1st paper, Physics 2nd paper, Politics and Good Governance 2nd paper, Economics 2nd paper, Logic 2nd paper and Accounting 2nd paper subjects have been assigned. Intermediate 2nd Year students will prepare answers to the scheduled subjects of HSC 2nd week within the stipulated time and submit it to their respective colleges. HSC third week assignment will be published at the end of 2nd week activities.

1st Week Assignment Answer

HSC 1st week assignment are scheduled for Bangla 1st Paper, Physics 1st Paper, Politics and Good Governance 1st Paper, Economics 1st Paper, Logic 1st Paper and Accounting 1st Paper. Assignment activities for Higher Secondary students begin with the 1st week assignment. HSC candidates 2022 will prepare their 1st week assignment solution and submit it to their respective colleges. Collect next week's assignment while submitting the answer to the assignment

HSC 2020 Assignment 5th Week

Assignment of 5th week for HSC candidates of 2022 will be published after completion of 4th week assignment activities. Already the 4th week of HSC Assignment 2022 has been published. Students will collect and submit assignments from their college.

Assignment Submission Procedure

Students will collect and submit assignments from their respective educational institutions. Instead of students, their parents can also collect and submit assignments. Each college will provide and accept assignments to their students through the website or online. Students will also collect and submit assignments via their respective emails or websites. In the absence of technical facilities, assignments can be collected and submitted in accordance with the health rules. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has already issued instructions in this regard.

Cover page design

Cover pages must be attached to each assignment. Each subject has to be submitted to the college by attaching separate cover pages. The cover page will mention the name of the educational institution, the name of the student, the week of the assignment, the assignment number, the subject of the assignment, etc. Also the information of the student group, roll number, section etc. should be mentioned on the cover page.

Students can design interesting cover pages with their own college monogram if they want.

Evaluation Guidelines

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education DSHE have also published guidelines for assessment of HSC assignment Answer. The teacher of the relevant subject will evaluate the students in the submitted assignment and give their opinion. He/she will identify the weak points of the student and give necessary instructions. Teachers will give the number in the assignment assessment rubrics. According to the number, very good, good, need to progress, etc. will comment.



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