Class 6 Assignment 11th week Answer (English & ICT)


Class 6 Assignment 11th week Answer 2021 has been Prepared for the English and Iformation and Communication Technology Subject. Students can be Prepared those two subject assignment solution to take ideas from us. Earlier, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Ed ucation DSHE Published the Class 6 11th week Assignment 2021 on their website. It has been Published on 11 August 2021. The answer of 11th class assignment of 6th class should be written for English, Information and Communication Technology subjects. Students must submit assignment solutions to these two subjects to the school by the due date.

11th Week Assignment

The 11th week assignment has been published today 11th August for the 6th class students. Earlier, the 10-week assignment was published by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education.

11th Week 6th Grade Assignment PDF Download

PDF file of 6th class assignment 2021 11th week can be downloaded from the website AB at the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. Files can be downloaded in PDF format. You download the assignment question from here. Also given below are English and Information and Communication Technology question papers.

Assignment Solution

Sixth grade students have to create their own 11th week assignment solution. The prescribed chapter should be read and practiced well before making a solution. Internet or teacher assistance can also be used to create assignment solutions. However, in no way can someone else's assignment solution be copied. If a duplicate assignment is created, the teacher will cancel it and instruct you to create a new assignment solution.

English Assignment

English subject for 6th class students is scheduled for 11th week assignment. Students need to read the chapter assigned to the assignment well and create an English assignment solution.

Class 6 English Assignment 11th week

English Assignment Solution

Class 6 English Assignment Answer 11th week

Information and Communication Technology Assignment

Information and communication technology subject has been included for the 11th week assignment of 6th class. Students will create their ICT assignment solution by reading and practicing the prescribed chapter well.

Class 6 ICT Assignment 11th week

Solution in ICT Assignment

Class 6 ICT Assignment Answer 11th week

Class 6 Assignment 2021 Answer ICT 11th week

Class 6 Assignment ICT Answer 11th week



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